International ERP and CRM projects with Pipol

Organizations embarking on a cross-countries implementation all faces similar challenges. Local statutory requirements, language barriers, work cultures like unusual business hours or week-long holidays, infrastructural issues like broadband availability – all can jeopardize successful local implementation. The politics and tensions between your headquarters and your country subsidiaries, especially when your entire organization is undergoing a business transformation is just the tip of the iceberg. You need expert guidance, local resources, implementations based on best practices, and tighter project management.

Pipol & GMI group
We support your international transformation journey

GMI group and Pipol will deploy, migrate, configure, and upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions in the most reliable and cost-efficient way. When you work with Pipol, you tap into the knowledge and experience of an organization that brings you the leading Microsoft certified professionals in more than 50 countries.

Pipol Whitepaper
How to make an international ERP implementation succeed?

Reaping the benefits of a standard ERP solution requires a significant degree of preparation, structure and the ability to understand and adapt to local needs. Download this whitepaper for the key principles to delivering a value-adding international ERP solution on time and on budget.

Roland now processes thousands of transactions on a daily base

With the help of Pipol and GMI group, Roland Europe Group is able to capture and integrate all the transactions from their warehouse into their own financial administration system. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the invoicing is now supported towards all of the European sales units.