GMI and Pipol close international deal with Micromeritics

door | 26 augustus 2022

Together with Pipol, we recently have closed a deal with a new customer Micromeritics, world’s leading supplier of high-performance instruments for laboratories. GMI will act as core partner on the international implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central across five European sub sites.

We’ll start with a Diagnostic Phase taking into account the current US Business Central Online installation which may serve as a new core solution. This is followed by implementations across Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and UK.

Thanks to a close collaboration where Pipol and GMI supported each other at different stages of the sales cycle – also to cope with vacation periods in July and August – the sales cycle was quite short.

It was amazing to see how we together can swap around and still manage to build the trust needed to win the hearts and minds of international clients. We managed to keep momentum and direction in the customer dialogue – and come up with a winning proposal in no time.
Jesper Vang

Managing Director, Pipol

About Micromeritics

Micromeritics is the world’s leading supplier of high-performance systems to characterize particles, powders and porous materials with a focus on physical properties, chemical activity, and flow properties. Their industry-leading technology portfolio includes: pycnometry, adsorption, dynamic chemisorption, intrusion porosimetry, powder rheology, activity testing of catalysts, and particle size.

The company has R&D and manufacturing sites in the USA, UK, and Spain, and direct sales and service operations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Micromeritics systems are the instruments-of-choice in more than 10,000 laboratories of the world’s most innovative companies, prestigious government, and academic institutions. Their world-class scientists and responsive support teams enable customer success by applying Micromeritics technology to the most demanding applications.

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